Open Matches: Connect and Compete with Players at Your Skill Level
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At Net Racquet Club, we strive to provide a platform that brings padel players together based on their skill levels and preferences. Our Open Matches feature allows you to create or join games tailored to your specific skill level. Here's how it works:

Creating an Open Match:

  1. Choose a time and date: Select your preferred time and date for the Open Match.
  2. Determine the match type: Decide whether you want to create a public Open Match, open for anyone to join, or a private Open Match that you can share exclusively with your friends.
  3. Specify skill level range: Set the range of skill levels allowed to join the match. This ensures a fair and balanced experience for all participants.

Joining an Open Match:

  1. Browse available Open Matches: Explore the list of Open Matches created by other players, considering the skill level range specified by the match organizer.
  2. Select your preferred match: Choose an Open Match that suits your skill level and schedule.
  3. Confirm your participation: Upon joining an Open Match, you may be required to make a payment, as specified by the organizer. Each participant contributes their share to cover the court reservation costs.

Automatic Reservation Cancellation:

To optimize court availability and maintain fairness, Open Match reservations are automatically canceled one hour before the scheduled start time if fewer than four players, within the specified skill level range, have joined the match. This ensures that others can utilize the court during that time slot. However, if four players within the appropriate skill level range have successfully joined the match, the reservation remains intact, and the game proceeds as planned. For further information check our article 'Open Match Participation Guidelines'.

Open Matches at Net Racquet Club offer an inclusive and level-based platform for players to connect, compete, and improve their padel skills. Join an Open Match within your skill level range, challenge yourself, and enjoy the thrill of padel with like-minded players.

Please note that Open Matches are subject to availability, so we encourage you to regularly check our platform for new match opportunities within your skill level.

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